The Banana Peel Revelation

So as I’m browsing my Facebook Timeline as I often do at 3:00am, I come across a post asking a strange question. “Have you been opening a banana wrong your entire life?” Out of pure curiosity I decided to click on the link and what I saw made a lot of sense but never crossed my mind. When knew Most of us have been taking the wrong approach to opening a banana for SO LONG! This video also made me think about our approach to life in general. Many of us go through life repeating the steps of someone else who has traveled the path we presume we desire to tread. But if we were willing to think outside of established “norms”, evoke a our creativity and make our own path, we may just find that there are better, more efficient ways to achieve our goals; or even that the goals we chase might only need to be “turned upside down” in order for us to truly know success.


HTC Teases The “All New HTC One” In New Promo Video For BoomSound

The All New HTC One. Probably, in my opinion one of the most anticipated launches of 2014. Check out the “Teaser” Video the apparently upgraded sound features of the New HTC One posted by TechCrunch.

Mobile World Congress: 10 Phones and Tablets to Watch

Me Personally, the 2014 Expected Launches I’m most excited about, “iPhone 6” and the HTC One Two (Code Name M8)


Barber365 was developed out of frustration with the task of finding a new barber in unfamiliar surroundings. After career changes relocated me to a new city, I faced the daunting task of finding a good barber in the area. Not knowing anyone there, it was close to impossible to get a recommendation on who could be trusted with my personal appearance. After several months of BAD haircuts, self haircuts, and no hair cuts at all, I decided there had to be a better way. At that moment, the idea for this site was born. I reached out to my close friend and college roommate, a computer programmer, to help develop a website that would enhance the barber-client relationship and forever change the barbering industry.

Jony Ive’s new look for iOS 7: black, white, and flat all over

Apple’s Redesign of iOS from what consumers have grown to know and love could turn out detrimental to the companies second half devices sales. Or it could be a raging success! We’ll have to wait and see which side of the consumer coin this lands on…

The Journey Begins

Welcome to my Site! I am VERY excited about it and I would like to thank you for stoping by. This site serves as a digital curation of ALL of my work and projects. Feel free to browse around and learn more about me, the projects I’m working on, and the things I think are interesting. I hope you Enjoy the site!

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