Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Banana Peel Revelation

So as I’m browsing my Facebook Timeline as I often do at 3:00am, I come across a post asking a strange question. “Have you been opening a banana wrong your entire life?” Out of pure curiosity I decided to click on the link and what I saw made a lot of sense but never crossed […]

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HTC Teases The “All New HTC One” In New Promo Video For BoomSound

The All New HTC One. Probably, in my opinion one of the most anticipated launches of 2014. Check out the “Teaser” Video the apparently upgraded sound features of the New HTC One posted by TechCrunch.

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Mobile World Congress: 10 Phones and Tablets to Watch

Me Personally, the 2014 Expected Launches I’m most excited about, “iPhone 6” and the HTC One Two (Code Name M8)

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